They launched into the concert like gangbusters! Yoon Kwon...was the focal point and key ingredient in the band. The quintet fired up an evening of mashed-up music that was not only successful, but also actually quite thrilling!
Albany Times Union
Off the Score looks both backward and forward. It marries classical music and rock, the composed and the spontaneous... taking a few liberties with the likes of Stravinsky, Prokofieff and Ravel, as well as Copeland’s own material.
National Post
Stewart Copeland is probably best known as the hard-charging drummer for the legendary band The Police...and now he is involved in a chamber music mashup called Off the Score with one of Canada’s great pianists Jon Kimura Parker.
Ottawa Citizen
Off the Score, the project that brings Copeland back to the Memphis area, where he first performed with the Police in 1979, is in some ways the perfect encapsulation of the drummer's career, a melding of classical composition with rock improvisation.
The Commercial Appeal (USA Today)
It is obvious that Copeland and his fellow band members live for creating more adventurous music, and they accomplished this goal with the “Off the Score” performance!
The Sewanee Purple
The band led listeners “Off the Score” with an energetic, challenging, and varied collection of music that ranged from Igor Stravinsky to Outside, from re-interpreted Police songs to newly-commissioned classical work!
Spacial Anomaly
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